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Cute Polka Dot French Nails featured on nailsmag

1.Apply sparkly white acrylic to the free edge and sheer pink acrylic over the rest to create a French. (I would use just a light pink and on 3/4 of nails and on the tips use a white nail polish. Let dry then layer on tips only glitter polish for an easy diy. )
2. Use a striper brush and hot pink paint to highlight the smile line..

3.Use a dotter tool and black paint to add polka dots on the free edge. (You don’t absolutely need a dotter tool if your using a thin nail art brush)

4.Use a striper brush and purple paint to add a bow on the free edge. Apply a clear rhinestone in the center of the bow. (Don’t forget top coat to protect the rhinestone !)

(Source: nailsmag.com)

Stella McCartney Inspired Bow Blouse on glitter guide
Stella McCartney designs are amazing and Alexa Chung’s is my favorite style icon. This bow blouse has been recreated using a solid colored blouse and simply sewing handmade little black bows onto it . Its pretty easy to make but if you need the tutorial click here! You can even do this on a dress. Using neutral colors takes what once was considered children’s fashion diy to luxury designer diy!